AQVAROSSA is a young Swiss fashion label based in Zurich. Our history has only just begun. And we look forward to what the future holds.

The heart of AQVAROSSA’s collection is the alpaca coat. Together with accessories and other styles made from the finest natural fibres, our collection reinterprets timeless design in a modern way. It celebrates individuality, combining everyday wearability with exquisite elegance; whether business or leisure, casual or elegant – AQVAROSSA embodies every look.

AQVAROSSA travels the world in search of the finest and most exclusive fabrics. Materials such as alpaca wool, which in its pure form are not just wonderfully light and breathable, but also astonishingly robust and extremely versatile. This wool ensures incomparable wearing comfort. That's why we use it in our designs in the highest possible proportion. AQVAROSSA is worn in autumn, winter and spring; we call this "3-season-wear".

Outstanding quality is our driving force. And quality is also the promise to our customers, partners, suppliers and the environment alike. This is what AQVAROSSA stands for. And we stand firmly behind our product.

Christine Losser, General Manager