Care guide

To keep your pieces beautiful: our tips for storage

If you are not wearing your AQVAROSSA garment for a few months, it is best to keep it in a cool, dark and dry place. Ideally, the garment is dry-cleaned or washed by hand according to the instructions, before it is stored in a garment bag with moth repellent.

Coats and jackets should be hung on shaped hangers. Knitwear is best laid flat to prevent wrinkles. Accessories feel most comfortable in their boxes.

Use the self-cleaning powers of our wool: simply hang up your pieces in the morning mist or in a steamy bathroom, and the natural fibres will clean themselves and make wrinkles disappear.

The extremely fine hairs of the alpaca and vicuna fibres can be easily tousled. This can be dealt with by using a soft brush and, if necessary, by ironing with light steam.


Pure pleasure: how to remove stains

  • Liqueur, tea and white wine:
    Wash in warm water with gentle detergent.
  • Red wine:
    Wash in cold water, then soak in water with a splash of lemon juice.
  • Fat:
    Treat with solvent.
  • Coffee and sauce:
    Wash with gentle detergent, then rinse the remaining stain with solvent.
  • Ink:
    Use talc and soak the stained area in water with a splash of lemon juice, then apply cleaning alcohol.
  • Chocolate:
    Wash with gentle detergent, then rinse with solvent.
  • Sweat:
    Wash in warm water with a little ammonia and white vinegar, then rinse with oxygenated water.
  • Perfume:
    Treat with glycerin and alcohol.
  • Make-up:
    Treat with solvent and then wash with shampoo.
  • Lipstick:
    Treat with alcohol.

    Note: Applies only to non-dry clean garments!

A clean thing: how to clean silk

For stains on silk, dry cleaning is generally recommended. Dirt should not be treated with water or heavy detergents to avoid water stains or damage to the fibre. Silk has natural self-cleaning properties that can be activated when hung in a damp environment – for example, in the morning mist or in a bathroom.

You can also gently wash silk by hand. Please use only silk detergent. At a water temperature of no more than 30°C, stir the silk gently back and forth and leave it in the water for no longer than 5 minutes. (Silk loses its properties and becomes very sensitive when soaked for longer.) Rinse with cold water and a teaspoon of vinegar to keep the colours bright and the silk soft. Do not wring out, roll it into a cloth to absorb the moisture. Then dry on a cloth and iron inside out while still slightly damp using a low heat setting. Pay attention to steam irons: water must not come into contact with the silk!